Sports Betting at New Betting Websites

There are two motivations for sports betting. The first one is to support your favourite player or your club, and betting adds a little zest to the enjoyment of the game or the match, and the second is to win some money, and there is a place for both of these forms of sports betting; however it is important that you are fully aware of which kind you are participating in.

Apart from poker, the only real professional gamblers are sports betters. You might hear stories of professional gamblers who play roulette or other casino games, but that are just that, stories. Unless you can attack a casino with a sure fire winning strategy such as card counting which will give you an edge over the casino, then even though you may be very lucky the chances of making a regular income from casino gambling are very small indeed. Casino gambling, based as it is on the lays of chance, is a great way to enjoy your recreation, but not to make your living.

With sports betting the situation is very different. The outcome of sporting events is not based entirely on luck. Certainly there are elements of luck, but given sufficient prior information the outcome of most sporting events are entirely predictable. The rub of course is that leading caveat: given sufficient prior information.

UK Bookmakers spend considerable resources gathering prior information. Just about every time a racing horse is put though its paces at the gallops, there will be people on the periphery of the training ground armed with binoculars and stop watches. These will relay information back to the bookmakers on how the different horses are looking during training. Careful attention will be paid to what the trainers have to say, and any careless conversations between jockeys will be noted. This is of course in addition to detained information on the form of every horse. By assembling this vast amount of data, bookies are able to set the odds on horse races.

Punters of course are able to do the same, and those that make a career out of it do. Bit it doesn’t just apply to horse racing, it applies to every kind of sport. If you can put together and analyse all the available information you will not win every bet you make, but if you are sufficiently skilled you will win enough to overcome the random factors caused by luck.

When you are sports betting to win money, you must bet with your head and not with your heart. A good place to start your sports betting career is Winner sportsbetting. Winner Sport are a long established company and offer some great promotional bonuses and ‘hard-luck’ refunds.